Thursday, August 23, 2012

Not Called To Be Perfect

Praise God that He didn’t call me to be a perfect mom!
When I saw this photo on my friend’s facebook page, it totally summed up my feelings.  So much is going on, changing, moving - just pure craziness really-  with our family right now.  It’s easy for me to lift my eyes up and say, “are you sure?” Questioning myself at every turn, “Is this best for them? Are they getting what they need? Am I doing it right (i.e. perfect)?” 

I love that God is good.  I love that He alone is perfect. I love that in His awesomeness He knows just what we need.  

He created me for them. He created them to call me mom. He gave us each other so that I could point them to HIM, and so that He can teach me about Himself.  

My God is good and my God is perfect.  My God makes no mistakes and His love is never ending.  His mercies are renewed every morning and His faithfulness is great. My God’s tender kindness is what brings me to repentance and what makes me want to love Him more.  

Oh LORD my God, use my imperfections to show yourself perfect!