Tuesday, February 22, 2011


     Last week my sweet friend, Katie went home to be with our LORD.  I rejoice that she is no longer in pain and that she is dancing with Jesus.  I grieve for her husband and two children who must now walk through this earthly life without her.  My heart is tender toward children who loose a parent.  I am sure it always will be.  God has performed surgery on my heart time after time that it’s impossible for the scars to not be tender to the touch.  
     The past several weeks I BEGGED and pleaded to our Father to spare her earthly life for the sake of her children.  He spoke to my soul, "I took care of you and I can take care of them. I numbered Katie’s days. My ways are so much greater and wiser that your ways."
     A sweet pastor friend sent me a note encouraging me that it was ok to be sad, it’s ok to grieve.  So today, one week from when Katie left her earthly body, I cry. I cry for the friend that I lost. For the wife that Scott lost. For the mother that Daniel and Bethany lost.  
Today I am sad - and that is ok.

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